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Your All-In-One Glass Guardian. Restore. Protect. Shine.

Cuts Cleaning Time By 80-90%


Our Specially Designed Nano Liquid Coats Your Glass Keeping It Crystal Clear And In Perfect Condition While Making It Easier To Clean.



Saves Cleaning Time – an occasional wipe with a damp cloth is all it takes.


Stays Clean – Keeps your glass clean and clear meaning you don’t need to clean as often.


Better Protectionprotects your glass against everyday use, including soap scum, heavy water, and chalky deposits (calcium carbonate)


Cuts Cleaning Time – by preventing the build-up of dirt, minerals and soap scum.


Lasts 5+ Years - by bonding to the glass, you only need to reapply once every five years.


Environmentally Friendlyeliminates the regular use of harsh cleaning chemicals


The hydrophobic crystal plated liquid coats the glass filling in all the micro-bumps meaning the water slides right off. This stops water getting trapped and then evaporating on the glass, causing the build up of dirt, minerals and soap scum. 

In addition this added coat also protects the glass from etching, scratching and aging. Keeping it in pristine condition. 

  1. Thoroughly clean the glass surface using the special glass pre-cleaner solution.
  2. Dry the glass using the microfibre cloth, making sure there are no streaks on the glass.
  3. Spray the Glassguard Nanocoat over the glass until it is completely covered.
  4. Using the second microfibre cloth, wipe over the sprayed area being sure to spread the product evenly
  5. Continue to work the product into the glass until it becomes clear. Allow to dry for 30-60 minutes at room temperature.
  6. Success. The Nanocoat has now been applied and will last 3+ years. More detailed instructions are included with each kit.

If your glass needs restoring first check out our blog post for removing hard water stains -

  • GLASSGUARD™ Nanocoat
  • Special glass pre-cleaner solution
  • 2 x Microfibre cloths
  • Detailed instructions

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  • Can Anyone Use This?

Yes absolutely. Each kit comes with detailed instructions that anyone can follow.

  • How Do I Use This?

Each kit comes with simple, detailed instructions. For a brief overview you can see the instructions above. 

  • What Can This Be Used On?

The nanocoat can be used on any glass including shower glass, mirrors, windows, pool fencing, solar panels, glass tables and more. For tiles and grout, check out our tile & grout nano coat below.

  • What If My Glass Is Old Or Needs Restoring?

Each kit includes a 'pre-cleaning solution' that is specially designed to prepare your glass to a before applying the glass nanocoat. For older and more decayed glass, we recommend using our Glass Restoration Stain Remover

  • How Much Glass Will The DIY Kit Coat?

Each kit comes with 100ml/3.4oz of our special nanocoat liquid. This should be enough to coat approximately 8 metres squared, or two showers. If you need more nanocoat you can select a larger volume from the drop down above the description. 

  • What If I Do It Wrong?

No problem! Simply use some plain dishwashing liquid to remove the nanocoat before it sets. The process itself is very simple and if you do apply it incorrectly and the product sets, it is so thin that you can just apply it again.

Each kit comes with 100ml/3.4oz of our nanocoat solution which should be more than enough

  • What If The Product Doesn't Work?

If the product does not work for you or meet your expectations we offer a full 60-day money back guarantee.

  • Where Do You Ship From?

We ship from Sydney, Australia or the United States depending on stock availability.

  • How Long Does It Take To Arrive?

Typical delivery times vary from 2-10 days depending on your country and location.

  • How Much Does Shipping Cost? 

Shipping is calculated at checkout before you purchase.

  • What Is Your Returns Policy?

If the product does not work for you or meet your expectations we offer a full 60-day money back guarantee.

If you change your mind and no longer want the product, we can arrange a refund once the product has been returned. 

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