GLASSGUARD™ Tile & Grout Nanocoat

GLASSGUARD™ Tile & Grout Nanocoat

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Tired of dirty tiles and grout being a blemish on your beautiful bathroom or kitchen?

Tiles and grout are porous meaning they absorb mineral deposits, soap scum and grime more easily than other surfaces while also making them harder to clean. 

GlassGuard™ Tile & Grout Nanocoat applies a non-stick, protective layer to your tiles that repels water while preventing hard water stains and the build up of grime, dirt, mold and soap scum while making them easier to clean and protecting them from ageing and etching.

It is so easy to apply that anyone can do it. Simply spray on the Tile & Grout Nanocoat to any tile or grout surface and rub it around with a cloth until it dries. That's all it takes to protect your tiles & grout for the next 5+ years!


Saves Cleaning Time – an occasional wipe with a damp cloth is all it takes.


Stays Clean – Keeps your tiles & grout clean meaning you don’t need to clean as often.


Better Protection  protects your tile surfaces against everyday use, including soap scum, heavy water, mould and chalky deposits (calcium carbonate)


Cuts Cleaning Time – by preventing the build-up of dirt, minerals and soap scum.


Lasts 5+ Years - by bonding to the tile & grout surfaces, you only need to reapply once every five years.


Environmentally Friendly  eliminates the regular use of harsh cleaning chemicals

  • GLASSGUARD™ Tile & Grout Nanocoat
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